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Whole health occurs by treating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.


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Healing from within

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"Teaching others how to create optimal health through self-love, joy and an understanding of the body's innate healing wisdom."

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Welcome to our website. Doctor Nyree Abdool is a Holistic Medical Doctor in Tarpon Springs FL. Holistic medicine is a whole-body approach to healthcare. As a Holistic Medical Doctor we aim to improve health and wellness through the body, mind, and soul. Doctor Nyree Abdool specializes in nutrition, weight loss, detoxification and anti-aging.


To create and support a movement of people who desire and implement optimal health, abundant wealth, and overflow of love and joy in their lives. To inspire and teach others about the laws of creation and manifestation within us and how to utilize our passion and light to fulfill our purpose.

"Teaching others how to create optimal health through self-love, joy and an understanding of the body's innate healing wisdom."


  • Evaluation – She employs the most comprehensive and unique evaluation in the industry.
  • Experience – Her treatment modalities are a specialized combination of Eastern and Western Medicine that are tailored to each patient.
  • Energy Medicine – She understands and implements that whole health occurs by treating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.
  • Expert – She has 20 years of experience in natural medicine and has treated over 10,000 people successfully to-date.
  • Empathy – She is compassionate and caring and takes the time to listen to the needs of her patients.


Doctor Nyree offers IV therapy, which is a very safe and effective way to supply essential nutrients for normal body metabolism and those required for restoring balance (homeostasis) and the resolution of illness. Some of the most common conditions treated with IV therapy are Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity, Cardiac disease, Chronic Pain and Chronic Infections, Depression, Migraine Headaches, Autoimmune disease and Hormonal Imbalances. IV Medicine is ideal to treat the consequence of chronic inflammation and leaky gut issues.


Join Dr Nyree for a one day experiential event where you will learn how to implement the law of attraction. Optimal health, abundant wealth & overflow of love & joy. Experience the creative force within you at it’s highest frequencies, gain clarity on your life vision as you release unloving patterns instantly.

Energy Medicine

Every physical symptom or imbalance starts as a spiritual, emotional, mental vibration.

To fully feel our joy and health it is imperative to heal all aspects of ourselves.

The subconscious mind is directing the story so wouldn’t it make sense to go to that place to create long lasting, effective change?

Practice modalities that assist in connecting with the subconscious mind such as laughter meditation, EFT, guided Hypnosis, Emotion Code along with your balanced diet and detox regimen and manifest miraculous outcomes.


What People Say About Us...

In about 3 months, My Blood Pressure started to come down significantly, and after 3 years it’s back down to being normal without any medication.

I think both of us we’re feeling a little bit tired but in a positive way knowing how much better we’re feeling is great.

What she did was remarkable. I feel quite younger, My face was very smooth and my wrinkles diminished. A lot of under eye problems went away.

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