ALKYWAN technology is essentially a concentrator, filter, and distributor of a selected spectrum of energy quanta to support living forms. This is due to a unique combination of a graphic resonant element (ALKYWAN logo), a sphere as an ideal Platonic body (concentrates the energy of the whole spectrum – without JIN / JANG polarities), and selected materials, which is an ideal filter for a complex spectrum of cosmic photon radiation.

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Why is it

At present, carbon forms are being transformed into finer silicon forms, which better
correspond to the current increasing vibrations of the planet Earth. The ALKYWAN
technology, which is based on silicon (a chemical element with the symbol Si and atomic
number 14), is, therefore, an ideal guide to support the transformation of living forms.

SILICON element:

Silicon is of irreplaceable importance to the human body. It is essential for the growth and development of the skeleton – increases bone density (strengthens bone mineralization independent of vitamin D), helps in the formation of cartilage (and other connective tissues), increases the quality and resistance of teeth, nails, hair and skin (forms collagen –
strength support, elasticity, and youthful appearance of the skin).

It is helpful in absorbing calcium. It supports wound healing, treats inflammation, and, above all, strengthens the immune system (prevention of bacterial, viral, and fungal
diseases). Because silicon binds to aluminum, it prevents it from being absorbed (also by mercury and dioxin) into the tissues and organs of the human body, especially the
brain. It significantly reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease due to its
ability to detoxify this potentially toxic metal.

It is no wonder that it is very popular in natural and alternative medicine (apart from its
industrial use in the production of semiconductors, glass, porcelain, and building materials (especially cement), quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. If the acupuncture needles are covered with quartz, their effectiveness will increase by ten percent (e.g. in removing muscle cramps).

Silicon-based minerals are very powerful energy generators and are adapted to generate photon quanta to support life in general. In nature, this can be perceived in localities with a high content of silicon in the soil. Nature is much more vital in these places.

In this context, it should also be noted that the siliceous soil in these localities is not a
coincidence, these are the places where the so-called terrestrial meridian network is
located. Through these pathways (meridians), cosmic energy is diverted to the earth, and conversely, terrestrial energy is provided to the universe, which is an energy exchange – one could also call nutrition. These sites are so-called “conductive”. In other words, more energy flows here than elsewhere, which allows the formation and growth of minerals. It works similarly in the human body.

Other materials have these properties, but silicon is ideal in a way, which is why most of
the minerals found on earth are the minerals that have a silicon form.

ALKYWAN functions:

As can be seen from the previous paragraph, it is not possible to rely solely on the material (silicon or other) as such. It is well known that, for example, crystals are very effective in water treatment, but it is also known that these pieces of crystal are depleted and function only for a limited time and need to be energetically sun-warmed (generally light) or repeatedly “recharged” with water otherwise lose their properties.

In order to prevent the “discharge” of these materials, it is necessary to “permanently
connect” this material to the source of terrestrial and space energy – and this is why, among other things, ALKYWAN technology is exceptional – the ability to connect to natural energy

Thanks to the ability to concentrate energy flows, ALKYWAN technology creates the conditions for more broad-spectrum energy to be diverted into a specific space, which can then be modulated into a band to support living forms in the immediate vicinity of the technology. Due to this fact, the device does not rely on any external source, not even a source of “visible” light.

The ALKYWAN system is directly connected to an energy source that “nourishes” all living and non-living forms in this reality. It is energy that is presented at this level in the form of photon quanta.
One of the other important functions of the ALKYWAN technology is the ability to provide, in addition to the energy, also an information component, as a part of the energy photon quantum. In other words, the energy is modulated in relation to the general problem of the adjacent space in an adaptive manner. This is information about the general nature of
solving a specific problem, where the intensity is controlled by a specific situation.

For example, the human body is provided not only “with” an energy subsidy, but also with
information on how best to deal with the problem. It is an adaptive functioning, based on
the fact that the energy is directed primarily to strengthen the connection of the physical body with its own spiritual essence and the next steps are maximally coordinated. A specific solution, therefore, comes on the basis of activating one’s own energy pathways and
information connection.

ALKYWAN Functions and Benefits:

● filling the space with a high-vibration energy spectrum – pushing
negative energies out of space
● purification of energy pathways in the body of all living things – energy
subsidy to weakened body organs
● cleansing of the information base
● suppression of the negative external information spectrum – harmonization of YIN and
YANG polarities (male and female polarities are in every living being)
● positive effect on all “living and non-living” materials in the perimeter of action

● gradual active connection with the auric packaging of the owner of the ALKYWAN
product and the resulting non-physical connectivity and action
● support for the expansion of consciousness
● support of “cleansing” the organism from negative information, emotions, feelings
and patterns
● support of “cleansing” the organism from digital pollution –
“cleansing” the space from digital pollution
● harmonization of negative ideas
● elimination of energetic parasitic forms
● subsequent support of elimination of physical parasitic forms – promotes
energy and vitality
● soothes you during states of fear, stress or depression – suitable
for relieving muscle tension
● increases the period of driver!s necessary focus
● strengthens the body!s bioenergetics
● helps normal blood circulation
● accelerates the process of skin regeneration
● activates the surface potential of cells
● promotes detoxification of the body

ALKYWAN’s unique crystal products are made of Bohemia optical glass of the highest quality, specially modified, and with a high content of silicon compound. These beautiful original pieces serve mainly to harmonize the body and space. This innovative technology can be used to solve any problem. It brings the energy chakras into harmony and brings them into harmony with the higher subtle bodies. The Silicon
element also reduces the risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system. Please contact us at 727-940-5278 to learn more and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nyree to learn more about this technology and so much more.