Breast Implant​s

Breast Implants

So today I wanted to talk about something. That’s a little bit different than I usually do. I stay pretty neutral when it comes to the personal choices that people make I just feel like I have to do I want to do my due diligence on sharing some of what I’m seeing. In regards to the consequences of breast implants and what has been basically continuously flooding into my office over the last couple of months more so than it has been in the past few years. 

So let’s talk a little bit about breast implants, and I’m not here to criticize or judge someone for their choice to have an augmentation done. I just want to talk a little bit about maybe understanding the bigger scope of the consequences of that decision and in knowing if it’s the right thing for you so over the past few months. I have had multiple women who are coming in with complications of breast augmentation. It has been either the breast implant has leaked and because it has leaked it’s created on calcifications and deposits in their muscular system, in the tissues in the lymph nodes. I have women that have been diagnosed with severe autoimmune problems and they are experiencing things like chronic fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, headaches. So, you know, the breast implant reactions are showing up in many different ways. The thing is when they come to me it’s already in there. So now what am I going to tell them that they can do, there’s certainly things that we can do to help boost their immune system and to help detoxify the body which we absolutely want to do. The thing is what I want to stress today and share with you all if either you’re contemplating getting breast implants put in or you already have them in I’m going to say this, I really feel like your immune system needs to be in a much stronger place than you probably think it needs to be. So what do I mean by that? I am telling you this, that the majority of people that have had implants in for an extended period of time 8 years 10 years 12 years and beyond that I would say the majority of them. I am seeing that there are effects and the effects are not fun. So what I will say is if you already have them in you definitely want to focus on how you can keep your immune system more vibrant and healthier than you probably normally would, there are things that you can do to keep the body detoxifying so that it’s not building a reaction to the implants that are there and again most people put these in and it’s not something that they noticed right away. This is long-term. Okay, it’s usually a long-term effect, but I’m going to tell you the truth and the truth is this that eight out of 10 people who have come to see me because the effects have been so severe they have had to have the implants taken out. So they’ve had X plans and they’ve had to have tissue scraped their Scar Tissue. That’s there now. Okay. There’s a lot of pieces that are coming around autoimmune issues that have set in that we’re working on to take away some of the effects of what has already been kind of occurring in the body. So again, my main point for sharing this today is if you’re contemplating getting implants and I am going to highly highly suggest that you really read up on all of the benefits all of the possible interactions that can happen. If you feel like you need to speak to someone who has a lot of experience with this, please don’t hesitate to call me. I would I’m more than willing to share. I will say this as a woman and as someone who’s a clinician who has been dealing with this, you know, and seeing people who I love not doing. Well from the long-term effects. I am going to say this if you haven’t gotten implants put in yet. I’m going to suggest that you don’t because really what I’m seeing today.

It’s not worth it. And I think the woman that I am treating would be the first ones to tell you and I’m probably going to have a couple of them come on and start sharing their stories if they’re comfortable with that and again, I’m not saying this is everyone but I’m really saying that with long-term implants. It’s what I am noticing in my office and today I had three women, yesterday I had to last week I had to it’s just more and more and more in my circle showing up.

And I would highly suggest you don’t get the implants in and if they’re already in and you want to learn about ways that you can better boost your immune system help the detoxification so that you keep the reactions low. Let me know I can teach you and share with you how to do that. And if you are starting to have effects from having them in and you’re questioning what might be already occurring there are things that can be done there as well. If you had the breast implants taken out there are protocols for silicon and for other Things in terms of the inflammatory effects that can be done to better aid your healing so again for me this is a slightly different video than I usually do. I just really want to share what I’m seeing in my world and let you all know that the consequences are real and they’re becoming so much more profound and I am seeing a lot of women who are really I guess thinking twice about their decisions to either put these implants back in and kind of you know, what they would be recommending to their loved ones now based on the experiences that they have, so I wanted to share this with you from my heart to yours so that you know that you do have options and I’m here to support you any way that I can. Have a great day.