Exosomes are small structures called micro-vesicles. About 1/1,000th the size of a cell, exosomes are important for cell-to-cell communication and regeneration. The roles of exosomes, growth factors and cellular activity in regenerative medicine. Healing, repairing, reconstructing—this is the very nature of cells. Increased scientific understanding has revealed a revolutionary healing modality. This is true stem cell therapy—providing targeted treatment to the patient’s own cells by modulating the cellular activity. This happens by introducing the patient’s cells to a healthy and younger combination of naturally occurring growth factor proteins and exosomes. What are growth factors? A growth factor is a naturally occurring protein capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and cellular differentiation. Usually it is a protein or a steroid hormone. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes. Most patients have great results after just a few treatments with Dr Nyree Abdool.

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Benefits of

Those with degenerative or autoimmune conditions could potentially benefit from exosome therapy as well as those wanting:

-To reduce pain and inflammation

-To speed up recovery from an injury

-To improve the body’s overall healing ability


Producing anti-inflammatory effects 

These produce an anti-inflammatory response due to the communication from the many proteins that downregulate inflammatory proteins. Other proteins will then recruit stem cells to the area that will help upregulate these cells to proliferate and promote organized healing through the regulated process. Then, once the task is complete, there are additional proteins that tell the cells when the healing has been completed. These exosomes, with the presence of over 1,000-plus growth factors, are being regarded as one of the purest forms of stem cell therapy. In their natural state, they offer proteins and no DNA or potentially harmful byproducts that can be found in other therapies. Ready to Try Exosomes or have a question? Our Exosomes specialist are here to help. Call our office to schedule a consultation today: (727) 940 5278