Exosomes are extracellular vesicles (that’s particles that release naturally from a cell that cannot replicate) that are responsible for certain genetic information, otherwise known as Exosomes cell to cell communication. Research has given us a valuable insight into the practical functionality of exosomes. By exposing the cells of an older organism to those of a younger organism we can see that exosomes from the young stem cells are responsible for rejuvenating the older cells. This healing mechanism can now be used in regenerative medicine. They transport molecules that are essential regulators of intracellular information between close and distant cells. If you live in Tarpon Springs and thinking about Exosomes, Dr Nyree Abdool is here for you.

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Exosomes are isolated from bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which contain no preservatives and are involved in cell to cell communication containing over 200 signaling proteins which provide:

Anti-inflammatory cytokines
Angiogenic growth factors
Anti-tumor signals
Help inhibit apotheosis (cell survival)
Regenerative & healing signals
Messenger RNA (mRNA) – ON Switch
Turn on regenerative mechanisms
Activate anti-inflammatory cytokines
Turn on angiogenic growth factors
Many other signals
Micro RNA (miRNA) – OFF Switch
Turn off chronic inflammatory cytokines
Turn off matrix catabolic enzymes
Many other signals

Exosomes may be used as a solo therapy or conjunction with Mesenchymal stem cell therapy to boost the activity and efficacy of the stem cells while providing many of its own biological benefits. A consultation with Dr Nyree Abdool is the best way to prepare for Exosomes treatments.