IV Medicine

IV Medicine

Vitamin drips are more than just treatments for a ‘rough night out.’ They actually reap many positive benefits like decreasing stress, improving sleep, recovering muscles, enhancing your mood, and hydration. 

If you live in Tarpon Springs and thinking about IV Medicine, Dr Nyree Abdool is here for you.

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IV Treatments

ANTI-AGEING – A combination of natural antioxidants and regenerative peptides to help slow down the ageing process, especially when administered at scheduled intervals.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Designed to support individuals undergoing a radical weight-loss program by supplying essential vitamins withheld in their diet as well as increasing basal metabolic rate.

DETOX DRIP – A solution of peptides and nutraceuticals proven to help the body’s main detoxifying organ: the liver.

IMMUNE BOOSTER – Vitamins and minerals aimed at optimizing immune function. This is recommended to be given two to three days in succession particularly when viral infection is anticipated or expected.

ALCOHOL DETOX – Based on medical protocols for ethanol poisoning, this IV treatment is guaranteed to correct that common condition experienced by most after an alcohol binge: hangover.

IV SUPPLEMENTATION – We cannot get everything our body needs from our diet, no matter how well-balanced we think it is; and not even from vitamin supplements. Giving essential nutrients intravenously, particularly in severe deficiencies, is a medically proven way of addressing these needs.

These are some of the IV treatments that we offer, visit our clinic or call us if you want to know more about IV treatments and wanted to schedule: (727) 940 5278