Intravenous NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and it is a coenzyme that is found in every single living cell of our bodies. Why is that important? NAD basically helps to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries. If you know anything about chronic ailments, a topic that is widely discussed now at alternative integrative medical conferences is the concept of mitochondrial depletion or dysfunction. The mitochondria are our batteries, they give us the energy that we need to perform. NAD is such a necessary part of fuel eating the mitochondria. As we age, our NAD supplies get depleted. Intravenous NAD recreates those pieces of us that may be running low. 

What does it do, why does it matter and why is it helping so much? I’ll share this with you; at a really high dose NAD is able to change the brain in such a dramatic way that it’s being used for things like opioid and alcohol addiction. Think about how powerful that is – that someone can go in and get treated with NAD for 7-10 days (or whatever the protocol might be) and they could come out and actually have those addictive patterns and programs changed. NAD is known as repairing cellular damage. It is amazing that DNA repair has become known for anti-aging as well. NAD can also be used for anxiety & depression, chronic fatigue and autoimmune illnesses. It is a great overall type of supportive and detoxing coenzyme that can be used and given intravenously therefore bypassing the oral route. We are getting it at almost 100% bioavailability. 

My patients are loving it! I have done a couple of treatments on myself, I have noticed such a dramatic difference in my mood, the way I feel and my energy level is so much better. I’m just excited that I could put something into my body that can really have a profound effect on repairing my brain cells, helping to replete my mitochondria and creating such deep cellular regenerative rejuvenation in my body. What I do in my protocols is slightly different. I start people a little lower than what is probably advised because of how the NAD can feel going in and then slowly build them up. This is definitely an IV that I recommend, we wouldn’t start with it, but it is something that you should absolutely try. It will get into your body to help prevent aging, and bring you back to life so that you could feel more optimal and more joyful in your days. 

I’m excited that we are offering this, we have been doing so for some time, I would love for you to call or come into our office to learn more. I certainly would certainly be more than willing to speak with you, explain this and take a look at your health. Please call the office to learn more and schedule yourself for one of our customized, very specific IV treatment protocols.