Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

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LOSE UP TO 25 lbs in 40 DAYS !!!


Welcome to a natural doctor supervised weight loss program that works. Here you can you safely lose up to 25 lbs. in only 40 days! Clients of any age, gender, or lifestyle lose an average of twenty-five pounds in only six weeks.  This success is with our all natural … Doctor Supervised Weight Loss.™

The most common complaint heard at my office is “Dr. Abdool, “I’m tired and I cannot seem to lose weight”.  For many years I have observed and treated numerous patients with complaints of chronic fatigue.

This associated with many underlying factors, with the most common cause being excessive weight gain.

Patients And Weight Loss

These individuals often say, “I have tried everything… I eat healthy, exercise and diet plans. In addition Hcg and even surgery but the weight won’t come off or stay off”.  In addition, as a consequence to those extra pounds, many of these patients have other conditions.

Diabetes, Coronary artery disease, in addition to Hypertension and numerous inflammatory symptoms. These include chronic pain, malabsorption and Leaky Gut syndrome.

How We Can Help

At our clinic, we recognize that weight loss success is dependent on many factors such as diet and exercise regimens. Patients are predisposed and have genetic tendencies. Upon initial evaluation, and a physical, we look at the entire body. Above all, we are very thorough.

It is critical that the thyroid system, male and female hormones and adrenal glands are thoroughly tested.

Therefore, the ability to lose weight safely and effectively must include healing the GI tract. In addition reducing highly inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and sugar.

Eating For Health

Eating a alkaline diet high in green foods and complex carbohydrates such as vegetables is key. It will allow for a healthier environment and more stable glucose levels.  A healthy weight loss program should also include supporting the belly with probiotics and digestive enzymes. In addition to doing intestinal lining repair with bone broth or glutamine.

It is also imperative to detoxify the body of pathogens like candida, bacteria, viruses and parasites. In addition to removing chemicals and heavy metals to prevent rebound weight gain.

Eliminate Toxins

Toxins increase free radical production and free radicals cause damage to cellular structures such as cell membranes. An example is the lining of the small intestine), DNA and mitochondria.

Produced by pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants. In addition to stress can cause a chronic state of inflammation in the body.

When Toxicity that is stored in fat cells is not automatically removed when there is weight loss.  Drinking enough fluids and clearing the elimination pathways in the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and colon.  However, By doing periodic flushes, this can significantly improve the ability of an individual to lose weight.

Weight Loss That Works

Great news is our Doctor Supervised Weight Loss™ program is affordable and available for everyone. However, If you need support to lose those unwanted pounds, we are the choice for you.

Our safe and effective proprietary blend of natural supplements act synergistically as appetite suppressants, metabolism enhancers, and fat burners to give you the RESULTS you deserve.

The best part of this program is it is a no starvation plan with an average allowable daily 1200 caloric intake. Call us at 727-940-5278 to schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

You have nothing to lose, but unwanted ‘Pounds & Inches’   

NO: Drugs


NO: Exercise Required

NO: Pre-packaged Foods

AND NO: Dieters Remorse

Here are 5 weight loss tips to get you started…

  • Eat a well-balanced diet that is approximately 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. 
  • Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.
  • Practice carbohydrate cycling to lower glucose levels and improve insulin resistance.
  • Do intermittent detoxification programs for the major organs of elimination such as the kidneys, liver, colon and lymphatic system. 
  • Consider fasting one day per week to allow cellular repair and rest.

Most of all, be patient with yourself and set realistic successful goals!