Reinvigorate Your Sex Life and Treat Erectile Dysfunction with the P-Shot!

Why Choose the P-Shot?

A Natural Male Enhancement
The P-Shot utilizes both the patient’s own growth factors to achieve natural male enhancement – improved erections, sexual performance and penis size.

It’s Painless
Harvesting the platelet rich plasma, as well as the injection itself is practically painless. The procedure only requires local topical anesthesia. We use a very thin needle for the injections.

Quick 20 Minute Procedure
This is an outpatient procedure with little post-procedural pain or recovery time. Results start to become apparent after several weeks and progressively improve for months following the procedure.

Addresses All Stages of the Erectile Process
Unlike phosphodiesterase type 5 medications (like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis) the P-Shot for erectile dysfunction addresses the defects at all stages of the erectile process.

Recover the ability to initiate and maintain an erection for sexual performance and enjoy the natural pleasures of life!

This method of using platelet rich plasma is uniquely designed to help the millions of men who suffer from differing degrees of erectile dysfunction. This is a MINIMALLY INVASIVE procedure and uses your own body’s NATURAL HEALING PROCESS to initiate and maintain an erection capable of sexual function.

Take part in platelet rich plasma therapy and REINVENT YOUR SEX LIFE. We will thoroughly walk you through the treatment so that you are comfortable and confident about the procedure. You may start to see results within WEEKS.


Using your own body’s biological material and healing factors to rejuvenate itself might seem like science-fiction, but this is nothing to be skeptical about. This is real science.

This treatment is revolutionary.

 Turning to medication is one alternative, but the P-Shot offers the same (if not better) benefits without the adverse side effects.
 There is no risk of allergic reaction, and infection is extremely rare for the treatments that use your body’s own blood and platelet rich plasma.

Imagine a life without stress or anxiety because of erectile dysfunction. You’ve probably tried other “solutions” before, but nothing will work quite the same as this therapy!

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