Peptides For Weight Loss


As its name indicates, peptide therapy uses peptides to initiate specific reactions within the body for its healing or therapeutic purposes. Studies show that certain kinds of peptides can help to reduce weight as they participated in the process of breaking visceral fat. And are also actively involved in reducing inflammation. Peptides are best known to increase human growth hormone production. For this reason, they are also used in several peptides therapies like anti-aging therapy, increasing muscle mass therapy, weight loss therapy, and therapies for repair. Usually in peptide therapy peptides are injected through the skin as a subcutaneous injection. Besides, in some therapies, they are applied in the form of a cream, a nasal spray, or oral form. Peptide therapies improves the communication between cells by giving them instructions. Consequently, it enhances efficiency making sure that all the highly nutritious foods are absorbed in the body for mitochondrial function and stem cell regeneration. Most patients have great results after just a few treatments with Dr Nyree Abdool.

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Benefits of
Peptides For Weight Loss

There are several benefits one can get from the use of peptide therapies. These benefits include:

Melting Abdominal Fat: Peptide therapies are beneficial in melting the abdominal fat by boosting the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids).  As a result of which it results in safe and effective weight loss up to 65 to 70 percent

Increasing Muscle Mass: Peptides boost growth hormone production, which besides initiating weight loss, increases lean muscle mass and increases the overall performance of muscles.

Damage Cell Removal: Peptide therapies help to increase cellular respiration, which in turn helps to generate energy for carrying out various cell activities. And is also helpful in removing damaged cells to improve cell function.

Prolonged Longevity: Peptide therapies stimulate the production of growth hormones. And these growth hormones are useful in reducing the risk of several fatal risk factors like dementia, type II diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Improve Self-Esteem: Overweight usually put the individual in complex and result in low self-esteem. However, through peptide therapies, one can reduce weight and can ultimately boost their level of self-esteem and attitude towards life.