Regenerative therapy helps alleviate pain and boost healing using regenerative properties (cells, platelets, plasma, etc.) from the body. Regenerative medicine at Southwest Spine and Pain Center includes the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to help patients find relief from their chronic musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, ligament and muscle tears, or tissue inflammation. Most patients have great results after just a few treatments with Dr Nyree Abdool.


Benefits of

PRP injections are typically recommended for patients with arthritis and other degenerative conditions including, but not limited to:

– Osteoarthritis

– ACL / MCL tears

-Back and neck injuries

-Muscle and ligament sprains

When a patient sustains an injury or develops a condition that causes tissue degeneration, the body reacts by sending platelets to the damaged areas to help promote healing. Although effective, there are instances where the body’s natural response to injury or damage is not enough, which may lead to inadequate healing or chronic pain.

PRP injections improve the body’s natural processes by sending additional platelets and other regenerative properties to damaged areas. To acquire the platelets and plasma, physicians must draw a patient’s blood and place it into a centrifuge so that the blood’s contents can be separated. Once this has occurred, a physician will combine the platelets and plasma, making a unique, powerful solution, and inject it into damaged tissues, muscles, and ligaments. This concoction will help the body heal surrounding tissues with limited risk of infection or complication. If you live in Tarpon Springs and thinking about PRP, Dr Nyree Abdool is here for you.