“When I met Dr. Nyree, she was exactly how I wanted to be. She has impressed me with her focus and finding the most wonderful alternatives for her patients. I have recommended so many people to her.” 
– Dr. Jemma Sinclaire
“I knew I had to find a doctor who would partner with me and I found her. Her name is Dr. Nyree and you need to make an appointment.” 
“Immediately, Dr. Nyree ran a bunch of tests and wanted to get to the root cause of what was causing my anxiety.”
“Dr. Nyree’s bloodwork is very extenisve. Now my Lyme disease is in remission. My family has got me back as a person. I am feeling tremendous. Thanks you Dr. Nyree.” – Helena
“Before coming to see Dr. Nyree I had constant back pain and low energry. No one could find anything wrong. When I met Dr. Nyree it was the first time a doctor sat down and really listened to me and worked with me. It was such a different experience. Now I am truly living my life. Dr. Nyree is amazing.” – Kristin
“Dr. Nyree not only was able to listen to me in a way other practitioners weren’t able but she also was willing to dive deeper. She’s been with me every step of the way of my health journey and has taught me about energy awareness. I never want to stop seeing her!” – Mandi
“To find a Doctor that is very caring to her patients and wants to listen to you is amazing. I’m sticking with Dr. Nyree.” – Stacey
“Health starts with basic nutrition and the body has tremendous ability to heal itself. You need a proper doctor to guide that process and that’s why I recommend Dr. Nyree to all my friends.” 
– Dina
“My life is on a whole different trajectory because of Dr. Nyree. She is an amazing person.”
“My healing is a result of the indepth and thorough blookwork Dr. Nyree does. My hormones are now back in balance!”
“Dr. Nyree is the only doctor that has been able to help me. She taught me how to feel myself and be able to detox mentally, physically and spiritually together. She turned around my health.” – Lacy
"I think both of us we're feeling a little bit tired but in a positive way knowing how much better we're feeling is great..".
What she did was remarkable. I feel quite younger, My faces were very smooth and my wrinkles diminished. A lot of under eye problems went away. Over all I see significant difference…
Taken her advise on supplements that have caught me off all prescription medication including my anxiety medicine that I was on for 17 years and blood pressure medication that I have loss 70 pounds, I’ve completely get rid of my eczema…
I’m just amazed at her approach to addressing the problem for the stand point of looking at my medical issue from a holistic stand point…
I love coming in to see Doctor Nyree. She's very very helpful,
and is able to recommend other things that go along with it the help...
I am a patient of Doctor Abdool, Well 3 years ago I got heavy metals and high blood pressure. I came to see Dr. Abdool for treatment we started out with intravenous detox...

What our patients say about us

"Dr. Abdool's level of expertise has exceeded all of my expectations. Her intravenous treatments and total health approach through mind, body and spirit have changed my life. She is a very gifted healer well versed in many modalities of Eastern and Western traditions"
"I am very pleased with Dr. Abdool's knowledge base and individualized treatments specific to each patient's needs. She is a very caring and compassionate physician, easy to talk to and gives you a comprehensive approach to improving your overall health and well -being.
"Dr. Abdool is a breath of fresh air. She is sincere, caring, and she always wants to know what is going on with the patient before moving forward with anything. You have to love her - she is the most caring person I've ever met."
"I was very impressed with Dr. Abdool, she is an amazing doctor and has helped me so much with my overall health. She takes her time with patients and has a way of making you feel comfortable and taken care of. She is very knowledgeable and helps you to understand everything that is talked about during the appointment. If you are looking for a wonderful doctor with lots of knowledge then Dr. Abdool is the right doctor for you."