As we continue to dive deeper into Wellness & Weight Loss 2024, I continue to be fascinated by the relationship between the unseen world and all that we manifest physically, both in our bodies and in our environments. By unseen, I am referring to the things that the physical eyes and senses may not be fully aware of. Our unseen thoughts, belief systems, habits, feelings, intuition, traumas, etc. Those frequencies are directly interrelated with our Endocrine and Nervous Systems and fight or flight responses and eventually manifest in the body as imbalances or health.

I often hear, “Dr. Nyree, why do you ask me so many questions about my life, my family, my stressors? I am here because my thyroid is not functioning and I have high blood pressure”. My response usually sounds something like this, “because the ease with which you are operating in your life, your relationships and regulating between your pain and your joy are what ultimately determine your disease state so if I omit this piece I am not doing my due diligence as your support system.

This is why we are spending 1 hour together virtually every week on the MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL DETOX that is needed to create PHYSICAL WELLNESS! Modalities such as Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Somatic body movements, EFT, Laughter Yoga and so much more are some of the most simple practices we can incorporate into our lives to ease our stress, regulate our hormones and lose weight. SO be prepared when you sign up for our GAIN WELLNESS AND LOSE WEIGHT CHALLENGE that we will be having some personal moments together. You can choose to show your camera or not, speak or not, there is never anything you have to do except show up for yourself and let your body’s innate wisdom do the rest!

E=MC2 hopefully this helps you understand that you can change your reality at any moment and I can help you create a platform for that change. If you are ready for deep change and are committed to yourself and your self-love journey then reach out to our office and let us know that you are interested in joining one of our groups to GAIN WELLNESS & LOSE POUNDS.

Here are some of the practices we will be sharing with you during our Wellness Program…

What is YOGA NIDRA? Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep in modern usage is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, typically induced by a guided meditation.

What is SPIRITUAL BREATHWORK? The practice of consciously directing the breath. The goal of breathwork is to positively alter the body, mind, heart, or spirit and produce therapeutic inner transformation.

What is SOMATIC BODY MOVEMENTS? Somatic Exercises are body movements that shift your Nervous System to Create New Muscular Habits. Somatic Exercises Improve Symptoms of Stress And Anxiety by Stabilizing the Nervous System.

What is EFT? EFT Tapping is an easy-to-learn healing technique that provides effective results for emotional, physical, and mental issues. It is based on the notion that 1. All issues are related to unresolved emotional distress; 2. Clearing the emotional distress by clearing the blocks in the body’s energy system resolves the issue.

WHAT IS LAUGHTER YOGA? A laughter yoga session alternates rhythmic clapping and deep breathing exercises to provide participants with the enjoyment of laughter. This type of laughing exercise is often playful, and some are also based on acting techniques to stimulate the joy within.