Biocommunication in general can be defined as the science of communication between or within living things, including animals, plants, microorganisms, and fungi. When we talk about biocommunication in terms of ZYTO technology, however, we are referring to communication between a machine and an individual. Ready to Try Zyto or have a question? Our specialist are here to help. Call our office to schedule a consultation today: (727) 940 5278

zyto biofeedback scan doctor nyree tarpon springs

What To Expect in
ZYTO Biocommunication Scan?

Expect that we will listen.  A complete history will be recorded, along with food choices.  What do you crave?  What do you avoid?  We review information from different sources to triangulate the results.  This helps us put the pieces together to better understand your unique needs.

Anticipate that the process doesn’t happen overnight.  We support the body nutritionally and naturally to restore energy resources and your body works at its own pace.  If you live in Tarpon Springs and thinking about Zyto, Dr Nyree Abdool is here for you.